Update and such...

I started this blog when I was still in grad school...since then I have graduated and started the job search. I have also moved several times as I continue couch surfing until I get an income. It has been a crazy time, so I have not had time to devote to the blog. Hopefully life will stabilize soon, and I will definitely keep you posted. In the meantime, look for more entries...even if I don't get to them regularly!


Makeup Forever Cream Liner Update

I really wanted to love this liner. Really. I had heard such good things about it. And there are things about it that I like. It has a slight powdery consistency, which makes it go on softer than my MAC fluid line. However, the thing dried out really badly...and I made sure it was closed tight every time I used it. I was so paranoid about it drying out that I even closed it after each time I dipped the brush in it while I was applying it. So there is no reason why it should be as dry as it is.

Now...to be fair...the thing is not a hockey puck or anything...it's just shrinking away from the edges of the container. However, that is unacceptable. My MAC fluidline, in contrast, is perfectly moist still. And since I paid more for the MUFE cream liner, I expect it to last better than it has.

So although the liner stays on extremely well, and I like the texture/consistency...the drying out issue is reason enough for me not to purchase it again.

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