Health and Fitness

I am a mountain biking tomboy.  I am a biologist.  I am a certified Spinning instructor.  

I am overweight.

I have been putting the needs of others before my own needs for the past year.  I eat when I have time, and I eat whatever is around at the time.  I have not been exercising.  And the results have been predictable.

I have gained weight.  I have lost muscle mass.  I am out of shape.

I am now ready to put myself first again.  I will be watching what I eat and planning my meals better. I am in the process of getting my own indoor bike so I can work out regularly again.  I have lived like this before, and felt great.  For 5 years I taught 5+ spinning classes per week.  I watched what I ate.  I felt great.
I am ready to reacquaint myself with old habits.  To get myself back.

As I do this, I will bring you on my journey.  I will share all I have learned, and re-learned.  I will tell you about my workouts, and my eating plan.

This will be a weekly segment - with its own spiffy header link.  I am excited to team up with Jia from Untypically Jia for a weekly Time for You segment.  Every Saturday, Jia and I will be sharing our progress and thoughts on Health and Fitness.  We will also have a place for you to link to your blog and share with us and our readers how you took time out for yourself, or how you plan to take care of yourself each week.  I'm so excited to hear all of your stories!

Welcome to my health and fitness journey!

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