At the Movies - Going the Distance

Can long distance relationships really work?

In Going the Distance, Erin (Drew Barrymore) meets Garrett (Justin Long) over a beer and they hit it off.  But Erin is moving away in couple of months, so they agree to keep it casual.  A totally uncomplicated fun summer fling.  Too bad they end up falling in love, which of course complicates things.  So when Erin moves, they decide to stay together and do the long distance thing.  But is that really possible?  Or are they totally fooling themselves?

You know how sometimes you see the preview for a movie, and the funny parts are hilarious, so you go see the movie only to find out that the only funny parts were in the preview?  Well, Going is not like that at all.  This was one of the funniest chick flicks I've seen in a long time.  Barrymore and Long have great chemistry (probably because they used to date), and their quirky slightly awkward personalities really shine in the dialogue and humor of this romantic comedy.   So, ladies, if you're fans of the chick flick genre, then leave the boys at home this weekend, and check out Going. I will definitely be buying this one when it comes out on DVD.


The Blocked Blogger

Blocked.  Unmotivated.  Blog on the proverbial back burner.  Stuck.



Been there?  
What do you do?


Time for You - 11.09.2010

It's that time again.  Time to tell us how you've made Time for You this week.  And if you weren't able to, tell us why.  We will be your support system!

Link up with us - Untypically Jia and The Girly Tomboy - as we make ourselves a priority for at least the fraction of each week to take care of ourselves and come one (no matter how tiny) step to meet our goals. 

  • Grab the 'Time for You' button and place it in your post or on your sidebar.
  • Blog about the steps you are taking to make yourself a priority and take care of yourself, and link that post. (Only link up the individual post. No links to your main blog, giveaways or other posts. Links will be monitored.)
  • Once you've linked up, click on as many other links as you'd like and offer your support to fellow bloggers who are taking time for themselves. Leave thoughtful comments, offer support and advice, follow their blogs and build friendships. We're in this journey together!
This is all about improving your life and taking time for you! It's not just about fitness or weight loss. Blog about how you're going to try and quit smoking. About how you're preparing to run a 5k marathon. Blog about your desire and steps your taking to overcome depression. Blog about your journey to lose weight or your plans to get pregnant.

One blogger from each week will be randomly selected and featured the following week.  Want to be featured? Then you have to participate!

This weeks Featured Blogger is Emma from Toddler Awesome!

Emma is a beautiful Mom from Ireland who has decided that before she and her husband start trying for their second child, she is taking time for her by setting health goals to achieve a healthy and happy pregnancy! She is setting such a good example for other Mommy Bloggers out there, not to mention for her own family. We support you Emma! Keep up the good work!

As for me, I took almost a whole week for me. It was glorious fun hiking and swimming with the doggies. We made the most out of the last hot days of summer. Not only was it a bunch of good workouts, but it was also the best thing I could have done for my mental health! My link takes you to some pics from the lake.

All right everyone. Let's hear your stories.  Link up!


At The Movies - The American

Don't see this movie.  It sucked...SLOWLY! 

I mean it.

It was a complete waste.  I want my $10 and 2 hours back.  

George Clooney plays a spy/assassin who is on his last mission while someone is trying to kill him.  His mission is to make a custom weapon for someone.  He befriends a priest, and a hooker.  Neither friendship is exciting.

First of all, this was the slowest movie I have ever seen.  Nothing happens.  Clooney spends half the movie driving up and down the hill to the village where he is staying, and the other half building a gun.  There is little dialogue.  It was BORING!  Sure, he built a nice weapon, but he's a terrible spy.  Terrible.  Someone is after him and he seems oblivious as to who is calling the shots and giving info about his whereabouts to the bad guys. 

Slowest movie ever.  Really.  

So save your money and pass on this one.  Don't even bother renting it.  Get the Ocean's Eleven movies instead if you need a Clooney fix.

Scarf Inspiration - How to Tie a Scarf

I have started getting into scarves.  They add that touch of color, and really complete an outfit.  I loved the way scarves look on other people, but when I got my first scarf I was at a bit of a loss.  How do I wear it?

There are lots of ways to tie a scarf.  Depends on the outfit and the scarf.  But here are some inspirations if you're a scarf newbie like me.  Or maybe just need some new looks.

What's your favorite way to wear a scarf?



...And We're Back!!!

Yes, I have been absent.  I spent some serious time unplugged.  Crazy but true. 

 First, I made some jam and tomato sauce.  Details and recipes will follow.

Then, we took full advantage of the the last days of warm weather by taking off for lots of hiking and swimming!

 What a great way to enjoy those last few hot lazy days.  And so great for my mental health!

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