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Don't see this movie.  It sucked...SLOWLY! 

I mean it.

It was a complete waste.  I want my $10 and 2 hours back.  

George Clooney plays a spy/assassin who is on his last mission while someone is trying to kill him.  His mission is to make a custom weapon for someone.  He befriends a priest, and a hooker.  Neither friendship is exciting.

First of all, this was the slowest movie I have ever seen.  Nothing happens.  Clooney spends half the movie driving up and down the hill to the village where he is staying, and the other half building a gun.  There is little dialogue.  It was BORING!  Sure, he built a nice weapon, but he's a terrible spy.  Terrible.  Someone is after him and he seems oblivious as to who is calling the shots and giving info about his whereabouts to the bad guys. 

Slowest movie ever.  Really.  

So save your money and pass on this one.  Don't even bother renting it.  Get the Ocean's Eleven movies instead if you need a Clooney fix.


McGriddle Pants said...

I was totally at the movies the other day and say this there, and thought "What the crap is that"

I'd never heard of it. And now I know not to watch it!

Style Attic said...

I totally appreciate your honest review. I hardly ever get to go to the movies, so I would be hopping mad if I finally got the chance and wasted my $10 and 2 hours! This is great...sorry the movie wasn't!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Wow! I wondered if it was going to be any good. I'm glad to know before I went!

Jennifer @ New Shade of Green said...

Thanks for the warning!

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