The Elusive-To-Me Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye For Dummies Like Me :)

Photo: youtube screen capture


This is probably the best demo of a smokey eye I have ever seen. I love love love the way the makeup artist explains what he is doing and why. I love that he demonstrates how you can just slap the color on and make it look good.

Now I'm don't have the awesome features of the model. And I don't think this eye makeup technique makes me look like a model. But I love how 'doable' this technique is.

I have to say though...that model needed to spit her gum out before they started taping! UGH!

I have used MAC shadows in Typographic, Copperplate, and Electra in this look. I am not sure what shadows he's using, so if you know have any idea let me know. I can't wait to try this with browns and taupes too!

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