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Guerlain Meteorites (loose $51; pressed $65)

When I think of Guerlain I think of classy ladies in beautifully tailored suits. I think of old school charm and etiquette. I think girly...but grown up.

I have had my eye on the loose meteorites for quite a while now. When I test them, they seem to just give glow and good lighting, as opposed to that disco ball effect I get with the luminizers I've tried so far. I love everything about the Guerlain meteorites, except the price. That, and I have heard over and over how pain in the butt the packaging is.

Now Guerlain has come out with pressed meteorites. WOW! These avoid the messiness of the old school loose meteorites. Despite the heftier price tag I will most likely be buying these in the near future.

I have to say though, when I finally graduate and get a big girl job, and a big girl dwelling, I want one of those old school vanities. And I think then I will be getting the loose meteorites. It's just too beautiful to pass up - especially on a vanity!

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