Sephora by OPI: Nail Pads

I first was intrigued by these nail pads becuase they promised lint free nail polish removal.  I CAN'T STAND the little fuzzies that you get from cotton balls or pads.  At $6 it was worth the gamble to try these pads.  I figure that I can still use my cotton pads for my toner, so I'm not wasting anything. 

When it comes to lint free nail polish removal, these pads really deliver.  Not a single piece of cotton 'hair' is left on my nail.  I also love how these pads are a little bit rougher than cotton pads, so they do a great job of removing any glitter without making a mess. 

However, the problem with these pads is that they don't hold enough polish.  They're just too thin.  As a result, I find that I can only remove 2 nails worth of polish before I have to apply more remover onto the pad.  If I use a polish that needs more than 2 coats, and therefore have a thick layer of polish on my nails, I need to use two of these pads to get all of the polish off. 

I noticed that the pads are now 1/2 price on the Sephora website, which means that they are likely discontinued.  I am hoping it means that these pads are being redesigned to be thicker and hold more polish.  That would make them perfect.

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