Zoya Aria Review - Oldie but Goodie

When I was buying the color lock system at my local Trade Secrets, I fished out a bottle of Zoya Aria out of the back of the display.  It was looking rather sad, with a layer of dust on it.  But the color and shimmer had potential, so I bought it.  It's a purply pink, with a foil-like glitter in it.  It's glittery and bright and fun, but yet different from the glitter bombs that are so popular these days.  Call me boring, but I don't want my nails look like I glued crystals all over them, or like I bedazzled them.  This is a much more understated glitter.

It applied really smoothly.  Two coats gave me good non-streaky opaque coverage.

This is the 4th day of this manicure, and there is absolutely no tip wear or chipping.  Hail to the color lock system!
You can see that the shimmer is clear with just a bit of a pinky/purply tone in the right light - like foil.  Here is a closeup of the shimmer.
So if you're digging through some oldie but goodie Zoya polishes in the corner of your beauty supply, and you run across a dusty bottle of Zoya Aria, get it.  It's a really nice color.  Totally underrated.


Juliana said...

I love that color!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I like that! It looks good.

Rasha said...

Wow, great color and no chip?! im so going to have to get some.

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