The Bronzy Glow - Kristin Cavallari Inspired Makeup

I am my sister's private makeup guru.  We have found her foundation, basic eye shadow colors, blush, brushes, etc.  Most recently we have been working on application.  I told her is to find a celebrity with similar coloring, who's style and makeup she likes.  Then we replicated the look.

She picked Kristin Cavallari.  I didn't even know who she was - clearly my sister and I don't watch the same reality TV.  But google image search came up with these two pics:

Based on those pictures, we used what my sister already had to replicate Kristin's neutral bronzy look.  The colors we chose are below - all MAC because that's what she had. 


The most important part of Kristin's look is skin.  Start with a tinted moisturizer or light-medium foundation to even out your skin tone.  We used NARS sheer glow and applied with fingers.  Then follow up with a bit of powder (I'm loving MAC Prep+Prime translucent powder at the moment) on a fluffy brush to set the foundation.  Fill in your brows with either shadow, brow powder, or a brow pencil (we used Fling brow pencil).

Use a fluffy blender brush (MAC 217) to apply all eye shadow, which gives a soft application. On the lids use a soft shimmery peachy pink shadow (mix of Jest and All that Glitters e/s).  Use a matte soft warm brown to define the crease (Soft Brown e/s) and also apply it to the outer two thirds of the bottom lash line.  Lastly, use a soft wash of light shimmery shadow (Refined MSF) on the brow bone.  We used a pencil brush to apply that same highlight to the inner eye (tear duct) area to open up the eyes.  Finish the eyes by blending a black gel eye liner (Blacktrack) into the lashes and on the waterline, and apply a black mascara to the lashes.

Use a fluffy brush (MAC 138) to apply bronzer (Golden) to the hollows of the cheeks and on the temple and forehead to contour the face.  Make sure to blend the bronzer into the hairline for a more natural look. Then apply a light dusting of a shimmery peach blush (Springsheen) on the apples of the cheeks for a bit of color and glow.  Lastly, highlight the face with the same light shimmery shade used to highlight the eyes (Refined MSF).

Finally, apply a glossy pinky nude lipstick (Hue) to the lips.

Unfortunately, my sister is camera shy, but the makeup turned out great.  She even got complements from her friends!  So if you're ever in a rut and/or looking for a new makeup look, turn to your favorite celebrities for inspiration.

Who is your makeup/style idol?


Steph S. said...

Beautiful! I love Kristin's look - i just got my bob updated a little to look like hers (in the last pic!) :)

island-ish said...

Definitely a great look to do. Thanks for the post. :)

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Her skin does always look great!

Lourie said...

My mom always told me, when looking for a new hairstyle to talk to someone whose hairstyle you like. It never occurred to me to look at celebs we like for make up ideas and such. DUH!

Holly said...

I am not a Kristin fan...BUT I love that Bronzy Glow she has (her new do is way cue too). The Bronzy Glow reminds me of my So Cal days. I will be using your tips though- we have no sun here (hardly) and I need some color - but I always go too bronze - yikes!

luckydame said...

Love make-up posts! I'm not one to use bronzer but the eyes sounds so pretty!

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