Health and Fitness 3 - Indoor Cycling

I started cycling this week, after a 2 year absence.  And two things are clear.  First, I am way out of shape.  And second, my crotch is not as used to the bike seat as it used to be.  So I started with 25 minutes per day at an aerobic intensity, but took a day off yesterday to give my crotch a rest.

At this point, it's so easy to get discouraged by my lack of bike conditioning.  I used to teach at least 5 spinning classes per week.  I had no issues being on the bike for longer periods of time, both in comfort and fitness level.  And now there are issues.  That discouragement can easily translate to giving up.  Surprisingly, what has gotten me on that bike every day is the music.  I blasted some of my old spinning music while I worked out and it helped motivate me, get me going, and distract me from any discomfort.  The first day I tried playing a movie while working out, and after that I switched to music.  The music was much better.  Much more motivating, and much more energizing!

So whether you're on a bike, treadmill, elliptical, or any other gym cardio toy, skip the daily news or crappy daytime tv, and pump up the volume on your favorite tunes.

And if you have a few moments, let me know in the comments what music inspires you or pumps you up.  What do you like to workout to?


Lourie said...

I need to replace the inner tubes in my bike. Biking is one of the most safe forms of exercise for people with knee problems.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I use to do cycling and would go to spin class at least 3 times a week. Then about 2 years ago I stopped. Recently I started doing yoga and I'm loving it!

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