Health and Fitness 2 - Getting the Routine Started

Like many things, it's hard to start an exercise routine.  Once we start, and get in the groove, it becomes automatic.  We don't have to plan it anymore.  Just like we don't plan getting dressed, or brushing our teeth, or taking a shower.  It's automatic.  Wake up, shower, brush teeth, get dressed.  No planning required.  No notation in our agenda that says Wednesday, 7am, get dressed.  But starting a new routine is something else.  We have to think about it.  We have to plan.  We have to shift our schedule.  And let's face it, we have to shift our priorities.

That's where I'm starting.  At the beginning.  Putting regular exercise back into my daily routine.  On top of my daily walks with the dogs, I'm starting with 30 minutes per day of aerobic exercise - 70% max heart rate (more on this later).  I'm telling you so that I'm accountable.

I got this sexy looking CycleOps indoor bike to help me on my way.  It's beautiful.  And more importantly, it feels just like a real bike - without the rain, snow, heat, cold, or crazy motorists.  I love cycling.  I am not a runner.  Not even a little bit.  But cycling is awesome.  I have dreamed of having my very own bike for a long time.  Such a time saver.  Just hop on, work out, and you're done.  No driving to the gym, waiting for a machine to open up, then having to drive home again.  So much easier and faster when you've got something at home.  Once I get this routine down, I'll add longer rides.  Then I'll add resistance training.  But for now, it's 30 minutes per day.  I've got to start somewhere.

What have you been up to this week?  How have you made Time for You?

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classycareergirl said...

So true! Once you get in a routine it is so easy! Good luck with the 30 minutes a day! I made time for me yesterday when I went for a long run. It was great!:)

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