At the Movies: Killers

I have to interrupt TV week to tell you about this movie I just saw.

Tonight was one of those spontaneous movie nights.  Because sometimes it's fun to see a really late movie.  Too bad we had already seen all the popular picks- Sex and the City 2, Robin Hood, Letters to Juliet, The A-Team.  So we were debating between Prince of Persia and Karate Kid (hey, don't judge!), when I came upon Killers.  This sounded like an action/lots of guns kind of movie to me, so I never paid any attention.  But tonight, for whatever reason, I clicked on the title, and read the synopsis, and decided to go see it. 

Jen (Katherine Heigl) is on vacation with her parents after a break up.  When she gets there, she meets Spencer (Ashton Kutcher), who is everything she (and every girl on the planet) ever dreamed of - handsome, confident, and incredibly sweet.  They fall in love, get married, and live a quiet suburban life.  The only problem is that three years into their marriage Spencer finds himself in trouble.  People start trying to kill him.  Assasin people.  It turns out that Spencer used to be a spy and a professional hit man, and he never bothered to tell his wife. And when the truth comes out, Jen has to decide if Spencer's love and their marriage were ever real.  That is, if the assassins don't get him first.

I don't know how I hadn't heard of Killers before.  I somehow missed the previews, or there weren't any.  But I'm glad that I went to see this movie.   It was really funny.  Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl had great chemistry and are both masters of the quirky humor.  There were so many awkward moments between Jen and Spencer - funny because they were such dorks, and because the dork in all of us can relate.

Killers is not an Oscar contender.  It is not deep.  It will not blow your mind and make you think about life's deeper purpose.  But it was a lot of fun. It's the kind of movie where you just sit back and enjoy being entertained.  And I also have to tell you that even though I'm not normally an Ashton fan in the looks department, he was really hot in this movie!   I guarantee Killers will make you laugh.  Maybe even a lot.

  The comedy and the guns in Killers is enough to keep your other half entertained, while the romance is so sweet and real (read: quirky and dorky) it will melt your heart.  So it's a great date pick.   

Anyone else heard of Killers?  See it?  What did you think? 


Cameron said...

I'm following from NYC Island Gal! I hope you'll check out my blog!


I've been really wanting to see that movies because it just looked fun & now that I've read this, I definitely will be seeing it! Thanks for the review!

Melissa said...

I have been wanting to see this movie, I will have to check it out now after reading your review. Following from NYC Island Girl, Great blog BTW!

Jennifer @ New Shade of Green said...

I saw it and felt the same... it's just a fun and cute movie. Perfect for a spontaneous movie night :).

McGriddle Pants said...

I just saw this movie last night. No me likey!

It was just too "cute" and really unbelievable. I mean, as believable as it could have been!

I give it two stars

Brahm (alfred lives here) said...

Just saw this on VOD last nite, and didnt work for me --- they are ok, the plot is even less than I expected, and not that funny. Should be better.

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