Zoya Color Lock System Revisited and Zoya Perrie Polish

I have been using the Zoya color lock system for two months now.  I liked it right from the first review, but it has now reached holy grail status for me.  I love it that much. 

When I first heard the words 'color lock system', my first thougts were: complicated, multi-layered, and very expensive.  Well, it's nothing more than a top coat and a base coat.  I also have the drying drops, because I'm impatient.  So anything that cuts drying time is great for me.  There is also a ridge filler if you need one (which I don't), and a polish remover I have yet to try (but I've read some great reviews).  What's great about this 'system' is that it was designed to work together with the nail polish so that it adheres to the nautral nail.  And the best part is that Zoya delivers on that promise. 

With the color lock system, my manicures consistently last for a full seven days with minimal chipping.  And that chipping is usually due to me playing with the dogs, or hiking, or using my nail to peel a sticker off of something.  I know, I shouldn't use my nails as tools.  But sometimes I do.

The only drawback is that your nails take quite a while to dry, even with the drying drops.  This took me a while to get used to, having switched from Seche Vite which dries almost instantaneously.    And also, the base coat bonds pretty strongly to your nail, so no picking at your polish!  I made that mistake, and ended up with some peeling.

Now here is a swatche of Zoya Perrie.


Perrie is from the Flash part of the Sparkle and Flash collection.  It is a creamy lavender with a definite flashy kick.  To my eye it's also more blue than the bottle in the above picture (see my swatch below), but I quite like that.  Great for summer.  However, I am not sure if I just got a dud, but this one did not apply as smoothly as my other Zoya polishes.  It was a little clumpy and did not spread well.  But the application imperfections were fixed by the top coat so it's ok.  And it is a very opaque polish, so I only needed two thin coats.

This swatch is about 5 days into the mani, on the right hand (I'm right handed), and still going strong.  Please excuse the cuticles, they're not going as strong as the mani.  Note how shiny the top coat is still.  Seche Vite always got dull 2-3 days into the mani.  And I don't reapply topcoat every couple of days as Zoya recommends to make the mani last longer.  After 7 days I'm bored with the color and need a change anyway!

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Crazy Shenanigans said...

I keep hearing about this polish! I need to find it somewhere and give it a try!

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