Why Are Stores Pushing Us to Buy and Return?

I stopped in at Sephora and Lush this weekend.  I need a new face scrub.  The conversation went something like this:

Me: I'm looking for a very gentle face exfoliator for sensitive skin.  Can I get a sample of this so I can try it and see if it agrees with my skin?

Sales Associate: Did you know that you can buy the product and then return it if you don't like it? 

Me: Yes, but I think that's really wasteful, so I prefer to just try a sample and then come back and buy it if it works for my skin.

Sales Associate: [insert dirty look] I guess I can get you a sample.

Stores are pushing customers to buy products that may not be appropriate for them and then give them the option of returning that product (usually in 30 days).  While that may seem like a great idea to you, resist the urge.  Because how likely are you to remember to return to that store and get a refund?  Next thing you know, you've got a drawer full of crap you don't need or use.  And it's all going bad.

My skin has been so sensitive lately that I've had to be very choosy about skin care or I get red splotches - not at all attractive.  So I have had to take samples of every face product I am considering getting and use it on my face for a couple of days to see if my skin is ok wth it.  Hence the request for samples. 

And the sad part is that they have to toss the products you return.  But the company still has to make money.  So they hike up the prices.  Which means that we all end up paying for this ridiculously bad sales strategy.

I refuse to buy 5 $30+ face scrubs, only to return 4 of them later. 

So give me the samples and stop selling me stuff I don't need.  And save the dirty looks. I'm not easily intimidated.

Have you had someone tell you to buy and then return?


C'est La Vie said...

i hear ya, my face is so incredibly sensitive it's ridiculous

why do they do things like this? samples would save SO much!

C'est La Vie said...

ps like hours later, you just commented on my blog about pee haha and im at WORK and you just made me LAUGH SO LOUD!!!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I had someone tell me this once and apparently it has to do with their sales quotes of the day. They figure you're not going to return it on the same day.

Try neutrogena. It's been really great for my uber sensitive skin.

naturalnchicmakeup said...

Seriously. Does it hurt them to make us samples. If we really like the product, we'll come back to purchase it not to mention find the helpful SA that helped us. I really don't like it when they act as though we're out to collect samples.

Noche de verano said...

I totally agree with you...What´s wrong with giving a prospective client some samples they are interested in...For me it is a better marketing strategy than the "buy and return" one...

Have a nice day!!!

Jennifer @ New Shade of Green said...

You should seriously get the Sonic face brush. I've had mine for 2+ years and I LOVE it. Pair it with a soap-free gentle gel cleanser (I use Shaklee's) and you'll be good to go! I have really sensitive skin and making the switch to this was amazing... my face just couldn't handle exfoliators. Plus, in the end I think it's been cheaper as you don't need an expensive cleanser.

Good luck!

AnnaKnows said...

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