Hot Rocks - Nora Roberts

Laine Tavish has set up a nice life for herself in a small town where everybody knows her name.  She opened up an antique shop called 'Remember When', which is flourishing.  Life is smooth until a strange man appears out of nowhere with cryptic requests, and proceeds to be run down by right in front of Laine's shop. Next thing she knows, Laine finds herself in the run for her life, and in a treasure hunt a girl can only dream about.  To get out of the mess, Laine must rely on Max Gannon, a complete stranger with his own agenda.

This is a quick read that has it all - suspense, murder, drama, and romance.  It is best described as a great piece of fluff.  I enjoyed reading this one while lounging one weekend in the yard afte some heavy duty weeding of the garden.  Nora Roberts is a great story teller, and this one is vintage Nora.  If you're after somethng deep and profound, then this book is not for you.  But if you want some light entertainment, give Hot Rocks a try.

Keep in mind this book is a release of one of the stories of Roberts' previously published Remember When

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C'est La Vie said...

just from the first paragraph it sounds like a more modern "Chocolate"
i just added it to my list :) I'm going to the library tomorrow anyway, thanks lady!

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