And Isn't it Ironic - Don't you think?

I see this cute boy at the dog park all the time.  We smile.  We chat.  We flirt.

Today cute guy came with a cute girl.

Could it be a sister or a cousin?


But doubtful.

Very doubtful.

 I'm hoping someday soon life will help me out in the romance department.

Mine has been the curse of the 'best friend' and/or favorite mountain biking/hiking buddy.


Jessie said...

I am your newest follower. Please follow me back at www.jessielynnsmith.com


<3 Jess

Crazy Shenanigans said...

Aw, don't worry. I'm sure someone will come your way. It could have just been a friend with him....

BoldAsLove said...

You have a PhD in molecular biology. Obviously, you're too smart for the average guy. So use the wit and brains you have and go get a man that deserves you! :)

C'est La Vie said...

oh for crying out loud

why would he do that?

knuckle head :)

your turn is coming!

little t and me said...

Bummer, hopefully she is stuck in the friend zone :) next time he is there w/o her, ask him to go for tea.
I am a new follower from buzz on by Thursday.

Café Bellini said...

Thanks for finding me! I love your blog, I'm following back!

Together We Save said...

Oh my... that really stinks, hopefully a sister!!

McGriddle Pants said...


Lourie said...

When you least expect it or least want it.

And hey, what is he doing flirting if he has a girlfriend? Just sayin,.

Busy Working Mama said...

I married my best friend...so who knows - maybe you'll find yours that way, too :)

I'm following you from Fun Friday Follow! I host reviews/giveaways and blog about family/gardening/recipes/kids at:



Nikki said...

Well darn, but keep on keeping on. I met my husband completely out of the blue and here we are 7 years later. It will happen. :)

Stopping by from SITS.

Jamie said...

I'm going through much of the same thing. Keep your chin up :) Love your blog!

Katie said...

Ugh. Why would he flirt with you if he had a girlfriend? What a jerk!!!

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