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Eclipse is the third installment in the Twilight series.  I did not read the books, but I absolutely love the movies.  Yes, even the first two.  I know Twilight and New Moon did not live up to the expectations of the books, but they were still well done.  But then, I can easily forgive a cheesy line or two I like the story.  And I like the Twilight story.

In Eclipse Bella Swan is once again in danger from an old foe.  In addition, Seattle is ravaged by a series of unexplained acts of violence.  The Cullen family must once again rally together against insurmountable odds as they plan to fight against an army of newborn vampires - a time when vampires are at their most vicious.  In the midst of the dangers, Bella once again finds herself choosing between her love for Edward and her friendship with Jacob.  She struggles with the severe consequences attached to a life with Edward.  Is eternal love really worth giving up life and becoming a vampire?  What about Jacob?  Are Bella's feelings for Jacob deeper than friendship?

I really enjoyed Eclipse.  It moved the Twilight saga along - including the relationship between the Cullens and the Volturi, and Victoria's quest for revenge.  It does a good job of resolving the triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob.  We also find out the details of how Rosalie and Jasper became vampires, and what their lives were like before they joined the Cullen clan.  And best of all, Eclipse  was much lighter on the cheesy lines than the previous two Twilight movies.  I can't wait to see the last installment of this series, Breaking Dawn, which I believe has been split into two movies - not cool.  So if you liked Twilight and New Moon, but have not yet seen Eclipse, then go see it.  You will enjoy it.  Guaranteed.

 I can not do a review of Eclipse without telling you that I am emphatically Team Jacob!  

If you put aside the the whole werewolf and vampire thing, Bella's choice between Jacob and Edward is the age old struggle between the good sweet boy next door and the dangerous mysterious guy on the motorcycle.  Sadly, more often than not, women of all ages are drawn to the dangerous type, only to then ask the question - why do I always fall for the wrong guy?  In this case, choosing the wrong guy also means choosing to die and alienate yourself from your whole family.  Talk about wrong.  On the other hand, there is sweet, good, dependable Jacob.  In his own words "...being with [him] will be as easy as breathing."  Isn't that hotter than danger and mystery?  So why do we continue to celebrate the dangerous Edward?  Why is there a Team Edward?  Would said Team be as enthusiastic if their sister and/or best friend gave up everything for some guy?

Plus, at the risk of sounding like a dirty old lady, Jacob is way hotter.  And since a picture is worth a thousand words...
'Nuff said.

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Tessa said...

I read all of the books (Twilight 3x's- obsessive I know!!). I agree, I LOVED Eclipse. I have to say it was my fav out of all 3 of the movies. I am a Team Edward fan but I drool over Jacob's yummer abs!!

C'est La Vie said...

i wasn't the hugest fan of the 1st 2 movies, but i did read the books so that may be why. but i'll tell ya what, this 3rd one....oh. my. heck.

RIGHT?! loved it :)

Amber said...

I'm a new follower from Welcome Wednesday. :) Love your blog, very creative.

WhitneyB99 said...

Hey, I love your blog!! I'm your newest follower from Welcome Wednesday!

Untypically Jia said...

I am Switzerland.

Lourie said...

I enjoyed this installment the best so far. My daughter is team Jacob all the way. Haha.

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I loved Eclipse. I thought it was the best out of the 3 so far.

Tara said...

You have such a fun blog! :) I'm now following you from Welcome Wednesday and would love for you to follow back at www.dandygiveaway.com.

Pop Art Minis said...

Hi, New follow from Buzz on by Thursday! Hope you'll join us at http://www.popartminis.blogspot.com/

Take It From Me Girls said...

LOVED Eclipse! Total Twilight Fanatic! Great blog!!

Just wanted to say THANK YOU for participating in this week's WELCOME WEDNESDAY! We hope to see you weekly! We are so happy to be following your blog! Thank you for helping spread the word about our great event by grabbing our button!

Kristin & Jaime
Take It From Me

annelise said...

I am so Team Jacob as well :) Edward is creepy.

I read the books (love/hate relationship with them: great story, poorly written), saw the two movies (Twilight was not-so-great, but New Moon? And those werewolves? Yes, please!!) and am still to see Eclipse. I think it looks better, a bit darker. Complete escapism and I love it :)

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