Classic or Boring?

I'm not a trendy dresser.  Most of the items that comprise my wardrobe are some versions of pieces that have been wardrobe staples for as long as I can remember.  Sometimes I'm in style, sometimes I'm not.  I consider my style as 'classic'.  But the word 'boring' has come up in reference to my wardrobe.

We all have our sweats, suits, black dresses, and jeans.  But in addition to those, I can't live without some version of:

The Polo.  Feels like a t-shirt but the collar makes it a little more polished.

The Khakis.  I find them more comfy and versatile than jeans.

The V-Neck Sweater.  More flattering than the crew neck, and can be dressed up or dressed down.  Great for layering.

The Leather Shoulder Bag.  Either black or brown.  Goes with everything.  Comfy.
The Fleece Jacket.  Can be layered with heavy duty outerwear for maximum insulation, but still cute enough for a trip to the mall.

The Birkenstocks.  These make my feet happy.

Argyle.  From socks to sweaters, I heart argyle.

The Pearl Studs.  Go with almost every piece of jewelry I own.

 The Cute Summer Skirt.  Summer is for skirts.  They're so cute and girly and comfy.  Can't ask for anything more.
The Beaded Necklace.  I learned to wire wrap and now I make my own.  I love these in all different colors and patterns. 

Boring or Classic?

What are your staples?

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Popcorn Served Daily said...

Cute blog, cute post. I'm more of a classic. My staple is a skirt and small diamond posts. (tiny) ha ha

I'm now a follower!


P.S. My Mom's name is Bea. Beatrice.

McGriddle Pants said...

Cutie McCutie Cute! Seriously. Nothing boring about it!!!

My staples all come from Old Navy.
Because they're SOLID colors, CLEAN cut and traditional Tshirts, and eight bucks. So I can buy 3 when I like it, one of each color. I'm lame. :)

CatherineLovesRoses said...

Hi! My key wardrobe piece for summer would be a floral skirt! And sandals, my feet just happen to love them...
Have a lovely day!!

Sippy Cup Mom said...

Love it all! Where's the bag from? I want!

I am Harriet said...

Stopping by from the Tuesday Hops to say hello!

Have a great day!

Pink Julep said...

These are all great staples! Dress for yourself! If you like it, you'll be most confident, which is the best accessorie around! But if you're bored, take these basics and add a little zing with accessories like scarves, belts, hats, jewelry or a fun bag! Great post!

Just a Girl said...

Following you back!

I definitely think your style is classic, not boring. I have many of the same staples in my closet. I really love that bag... where's it from?

Rachel C. said...

You're definitely a classic girl, and not the least bit boring! My mom taught me early the importance of separates and classic looks. If I tried to keep up with trends I would be broke! Then again, working from home affords me the "luxury" of trolling around in pajamas all day long, but for trips out in public I'm all about the jeans and polo shirt.

Mommy Spirit said...

I'm a new follower from the Tuesday Tag-Along. I love your CLASSIC style (definitely not boring.) Boring for me is an old sweatsuit from Wal-Mart. Then, ultra weird is an old sweatsuit from Wal-Mart that's too small and twenty years old. Anyways, I just love this post and your blog. I'm happy to find you. Happy Tuesday!

Kate (Southern-Belle-Simple) said...

i love your classic pieces! i'm a new follower and i just gave you a blogger award today! i own those orange birkenstocks and am wearing them right now! love it!

here's a link: http://southernbellesimple.blogspot.com/2010/07/oh-my-goodness-oh-my-goodness.html

missykade said...

Following you from TTA would love to have you return the favor, if you haven't already, and visit us @

Also please stop back on Friday's and Sunday's to join in our Blog hops we would love to have you link up : )

Lourie said...

I must be boring. LOL. Shirts, capris, jeans, sandals or tennis shoes, skirts or dresses are set aside for church. Just not a skirt or dress wearing gal. Haha.

Shining 2 Save said...

Hi I am your newest follower from Tag Along Tuesday!

I look forwards to reading your blog

Please check out my blog:

Sandra said...

I loved the brown shoulder bag and i LOVE this blog, I love how you have the date above the titles, I love the titles, I love the name (I especially love the name 'cause I'm a girly tomboy too!) Oh, and I'm a Sophie Kinsella fan too! See, we're kindred spirits!

C'est La Vie said...

ok pearl earrings = classic, love those!
and i love that V Neck sweater....that's about it

BUT you could pull anything off with the right attitude

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