I Want That!

I spent this evening watching James Bond and e-shopping.  I found some great goodies.  If only I had a pocket full of cash!

The Coach Julia Leather Op Art Perry Tote.  Such a great color that can be worn all year.  I have been looking for a tote for quite some time, and this one fits the bill.

Every time I go into a store that sells Zoya polish, I look for Cassi.  I love the way this one looks in swatches.  Too bad no one carries it.  If I ever order directly from Zoya, Cassi will be first on the list!

The Wetnoz Ultra bowl and stand are so perfect and sleek looking.  I love that the bowl has a higher back so that the food doesn't go flying.  I also love the stand - Missy Kitty has a cleft palette and it's much easier for her to eat when her bowl is raised.  This combo is EXACTLY what I've been looking for.

I need some new pajama pants as all mine are looking a bit tattered and faded.  How cute are these ones from Life is Good??

Did you know that Sophie Kinsella's real name is Madeleine Wickham?  Did you know she wrote books under that name?  I didn't!  I.Must.Read.These.  I love her.

I love these wedges by Sofft - who make THE MOST COMFORTABLE shoes I've ever owned.  I need these super cute wedges for summer.
How is it that I still don't own the doggie charm from Pandora?  I'll tell you how - it's always sold out!

I missed out on MAC's Hipness blush with the Fafi collection.  It's getting repromoted with the 'To The Beach' Collection.  I'll have to pick it up.  It's a great coral blush that will be perfect for that summer glowy look everyone's always talking about.

At some point I'll be redoing my bedroom.  And I've got my eye on the Mendocino bed frame from the Pottery Barn.

What are your favorite e-shopping finds?


Sofia said...

I love those wedges!! Ive been trying to get into shoes/clothes more and out of make-up. hehe

Ces't La Vie said...

i LOVE getting stuff online cuz then you get mail and i LOVE GETTING MAIL :)


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