Zoya Nikki Swatch and Review

I've really been enjoying the Zoya color lock system lately.  I love how well this stuff works with Zoya polishes, which I had always found to be incredibly streaky and difficult to work with.  I am hence now rediscovering my unloved Zoya polishes.  Zoya Nikki is the one I've got on at the moment.

I really like this color.  It has that greyish lavener quality of Sephora by OPI's Call Your Mother, and even slightly reminds me of Metro Chic.  But Nikki is much paler and therefore great for summer.  I am especially enjoying it since my nails have been very bright of late.  This one also has very fine green shimmer in it, which is very subtle in daylight but gives and intersting hue to your manicure in certain lighting conditions.

This is a neutral with a twist, so it's great for everyday and pretty work friendly.

 I chose the swatch with the shady bit so that you can hopefully see the bit of green tint on the pinky and ring fingers.  It's just a subtly shimmery pale lavender in the light (index and middle fingers).  The shimmer looks more silvery than green in sunlight. 
On the swatch you may also see the indentations from my pillow on the finish.  That's the one drawback to the color lock system - it dries SO SLLLOWLY!  I went to bed about 5 hours after I applied this polish, and still got the indentations.  I hate sheet marks on my nails!!!

The swatch of Nikki from the Zoya website shows the shimmer a bit more accurately.

I think Zoya has some really great and unique colors, and I've been enjoying the polish formula lately.  Have you tried Zoya polish?  Do you like it?  What are your favorite shades?  What shades would you like to see swatched?


Ema Cuthbertson said...

I love the colour lovely for the summer. enjoyed your blog
Ema x

Ces't La Vie said...

this reminds me...it's time to re do my nails....

and i love that color

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