My Skin Care Routine

Here is my skin care routine as it stands right now.  My approach to skin care is to keep it as simple and gentle as possible.  The more harsh products I use on my face, the more redness and irritation I then have to cover with foundation. 


I absolutely love the Bioderma Sensibio H2O.  I use this to remove my makeup and to cleanse my skin.  It does not dry out my skin, and yet it removes ALL of my makeup - including mascara and MAC fluidlie.  See my review of this one for more detailed info. 
I am still on the search for the perfect cream or sensitive skin geared cleanser, but so far I have had no luck.  If anyone is using something good, please let me know in the comments.  I am also still in the market for an exfoliator.  Again, this has to be geared for sensitive skin.  Everything I've tried is too hars and I end up using it as a body scrub - which is getting pretty expensive.


The best moisturizer I've ever tried is the Bioderma Sensibio Light moisturizer.  Another one I have reviewed previously.  I am on my third tube of this and it's amazing.  It has completely changed the properties of my skin, which used to be dry and is now in the normal range.  This is extremely moisturizing without being greasy, and soaks into my skin like a dream. 
In the day, I also sometimes use the Estee Lauder Daywear Plus. This is a slightly tinted moisturizer that gives me a bit of luminosity on non-makeup days or with just a light bit of mineral makeup dusted on my face. I like the bonus SPF15 of this one, but I don't like that the SPF is chemical and not mineral. 

The only eye cream I have ever tried that I feel does anything is the Kiehl's Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado.  It is extremely moisturizing, though it does not really reduce the appearance of fine lines - though I doubt the existence of that magic line eraser that we all yearn to discover at our local beauty counter.  See my review of this one for more info.
I recently started using a serum.  I am using the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair.  I scored this one at a CCO (Cosmetic Company Outlet) and I'm really enjoying it.  Is it doing anything?  My skin seems healthier and smoother, but that could be a placebo effect.  It may also be due to the Bioderma skin care.  Hard to tell.  I'll probably be revisiting this one in a couple of months.

I love the Dermalogica Super Sensitive FaceBlock SPF30 as my daily sunscreen.  It's great under makeup and I really like that it does not contain any chemical sunscreens, but is instead a mineral based sunscreen.  Because it goes under my makeup, I find that it is not too reflective on my skin and does not make my face appear white.

What are your favorite skin care items?  I love learning about other peoples' skin care routine, and what they think of the various skin care products.  There is so much out there, and it's nice to get honest reviews before I buy.  So if you do a skin care routine post or review skin care items, let me know!


naturalnchicmakeup said...

I'm currently using Ole Henriksen 3 little wonders and the gel cream is so far really good. I believe the brand is "green" and focuses on all natural ingredients. It hasn't broke out my sensitive skin so far!

The Girly Tomboy said...

I've never heard of that line. I'll definitely check it out! Thanks!

Crazy Shenanigans said...

I have extremely sensitive skin so I know how you feel. One face cream that has never broken me out or given me a rash is neutrogena. If you've never tried their face lotions give them a shot.

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