Overrated Products

I love to blog about products I've discovered and fallen in love with.  It's great to recommend your faves to others.  But I think it's just as important to mention things that were a huge disappointment and waste of cash. 

The CoverGirl ShadowBlast looked so good on Drew Barrymore.  And I love Drew.  So I fell for the ads and bought this one.  The pigmentation is great on these, and they look lovely and metallic on the eye.  But they crease like crazy because they never set.  They stay greasy.  And when I set them with a shadow I get a shadow cake forming on my crease.  And it didn't matter how sheerly I applied this product.  And really, what's the point when it's sheer anyway?  Unless you want your shadow to crease.  Useless.  Thanks a lot Drew, you lied to me.  But don't worry I love you much more than I love the ShadowBlast.
The Cuccio Apple Cuticle Remover just did not work for me at all.  It has a waxy/greasy consistency.  You're supposed to put it on, rub it into your cuticles and then soak it in hot water for a couple of minutes.  At the end of the protocol my cuticles looked like they would have looked if I just pushed soaked them and pushed them back.  Plus I then had to wait for my nails to dry a bit before applying polish. 

I had heard so much about Rimmel's Lasting Finish foundation.  It was supposed to be so smooth, easy to apply and long lasting.  Well on my normal to dry skin it was a disaster.  I got a yellow tone of this foundation for my NC25 skin.  When I first applied it, this foundation looked flawless and a good color match.  However, after about an hour, this foundation oxidized and left me looking orange!  Not only that, but after about 4-5 hours this foundation started to crack on my skin kind of like a dry face mask.  This got progerssively worse throughout the day.  Though it was cheap and on sale, I still want my $6 back!

Lush Shower Jellies are the DUMBEST product on the market.  They're squishy and fun looking and come in great fragrance options like the scent of one of my favorite bath bombs, the sex bomb.  You're supposed to pinch off a bit, lather and use in lieu of shower gel.  But these have the consistency of jello.  Try holding on to a piece of jello under running water.  I dare you.  Your jello, just like your shower jelly, will end up slipping out of your hands and down the drain.  And it cracks me up that Lush thinks this is an environmentally friendly product because it doesn't need a container.  And then they sell them in unrecyclable plastic takeout containers that also look stupid in your shower.  Stay away from this gimmicky product, no matter how good it smells.

I hate MAC Lipglasses.  I realize I may be in the minority here, but these are a sticky mess.  Sure, sticky lipglosses last longer on your lips, and the lipglasses come in a great variety of colors.  But I hate the way these make my hair stick to my lips in any windy situation, and the way the product gathers in the corners of my mouth after a while.  Yuck.  I love MAC Slimshines and Lip Gelees so much more - too bad they're getting discontinued.  MAC, you're dumb.

I was enticed to try OPI Nail Envy by the promise of stronger healthier nails.  I should have read the fine print.  My nails were initially strengthened, but then they started peeling like crazy if I went even a day without Nail Envy.  So I stopped using it, and suffered through the ugliest peely and weak nails I've ever had while ever bit of nail affected by Nail Envy grew out.  Furthermore, I got the matte, thinking it would make a better base for polish.  Nope.  And OPI tells you to reapply nail envy over polish every couple of days.  But doing so gave me a matte finish, which I hate.  Stay away from this one.  It will actually mess up your nails rather than helping them.
OPI My Private Jet looks so beautiful in the bottle.  It is a dark grey/black polish with hollographic glitter.  And I have heard so many great things about it.  Too bad that when you apply it to your nails, the glitter is no longer hollographic, or even glittery.  So this polish just ends up looking like a concrete fax finish on my nails.  Not pretty and pretty boring.   Skip this one - there are much better OPI shades out there.

The Swiffer Sweeper Pads are useless.  Completely. Useless.  I love the Swiffer mopping system and got these dry pads with my Costco Swiffer set.  These don't pick up anything.  A regular broom and dustpan are so much more effective.   I even tried using these as dusting pads for my appliances and shelving.  Nope.  Left dust behind.  I don't have the heart to throw these away, and I have yet to find a use for them.  For now, they sit under the sink and collect dust.

Never, ever, ever feed your dog or cat any Purina product.   I was house sitting with Amelia and the dogs of the house were on Purina Beneful.  Of course Amelia had to sneak some, and a half an hour later she projectile vomited all over my bed.  NASTY.  This is an expensive dog food, but it scores only a 17 on the dog food assesment scale.  Comapre that the the Kirkland kibble which scores a 110 at 1/3 of the price!  I house sat a lot when I was a grad student, so Amelia got into all different varieties of kibble, and nothing gave her quite the explosive reaction of Beneful.

What were some of your biggest disappointments?


naturalnchicmakeup said...

haha I absolutely love this post. You hit it right on the head with the CoverGirl ShadowBlast. The idea is great but the product is terrible.

Pink Julep said...

I agree with the Lush Shower Jelly! I have never bought it cause it just looks and feels gross! But I love most of the other products there!

I am currently using Nail envy and my nails are already damaged from having acryllics a few weeks ago... it seems to be helping, but I'm only using it like twice a week... thanks for the warning though!

Ces't La Vie said...

oh my i am SO in love with the swifer it's not even funny...


Carmie, the Single Nester said...

What a great post! I have a lot of MAC lipglasses and they are quite sticky! Thank you for your kind words on my blog!

Sofia said...

I agree. I don't like MAC lipglasses either for the same reason and the fact tht they go bad and start to stink so quickly.

And yeah I cringe when I see purina and those other brands at supermarkets. They should sell organic pet food only!

Sofia said...

Oh and about the jelly, it is kinda annoying to use in the shower as it falls but for some reason I miss it! I always broke off a considerable chunk and used it as a soap. I loved the smell and have been craving for another piece lately. hehe

I hate that lush is so expensive though, like the tiny chunk of soap for $16.

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