The Undomestic Goddess - Sophie Kinsella

After liking Twenties Girl so much, I had to get more Kinsella books.  So of course I picked up The Undomestic Goddess.

This book is about Samantha, a successful London lawyer whose idea of house work is picking up her clothes at the dry cleaners and ordering take-out for dinner.  Samantha is on the fast track to making partner, until she makes a major mistake.  The kind of mistake that may cost Samantha everything she's been working for her whole life - her career.  In shock from the realization, Samantha walks out of the office, boards a train, and finds herself in the middle of nowhere.  She stops at a fancy house to ask to use the phone, but is mistakenly interviewed for a housekeeper position.  She is offered the job, and accepts it.  Unfortunately, she has no idea how to run a household.  She can't cook and she can't clean.  But as she learns how to work a stove, and a washing machine, and an iron, and a vaccuum cleaner, she also learns that there is more to life than 16 hour days at the office.  She begins to embrace the daily life of her new domestic self, and finds unexpected happiness.  Unfortunately, you can't just run away from your life and disappear.  At some point your past catches up with you...

Kinsella is an excellent story teller and her characters are compelling.  The Undomestic Goddess is no exception.  I could not put this book down.  I could identify with Samantha, and her struggles and her instinct to just walk away and start a new life.  I could also appreciate that you can't really start fresh without accepting where you came from and what you've done.  And most importantly, this book reminded me to appreciate the simple things in life, no matter how small and 'insignificant' by society's standards.  Life is too short to take anything for granted.

I loved this book and recommend it.  If you love 'chick lit' and romantic comedies, then put The Undomestic Goddess on your reading list.  You won't be disappointed.

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