Charm Bracelet for Adults = DROOL!

A friend of mine has one of these, and I always just thought it was a really cool bracelet. Then I found out that it was a charm bracelet! WOW! I like the idea of charm bracelets, but I don't like the look of the traditional charm bracelet with all those charms hanging off of it - seems childish.

The Pandora charm bracelet is different - to most people, it looks like it's a fun bracelet with random silver beads. But a closer look reveals that it tells the story of your life! You can get them here.

You start with a base bracelet - the silver one I want is $50.

Then you add charms. Here are some of the ones that I have my eyes on.

Daisy Safety Chain ($35) - Not only because I think a safety chain is a good idea, but also because I LOVE daisies - they have always been the flower a doodled, just like the daisies on my blog!

Graduation Cap ($30) - I'm out of grad school in a couple of weeks - and FINALLY done with school. This is a major milestone for me.
Doggie ($25) - After years of house sitting I finally got a dog of my very own. I love having her in my life.

Suitcase ($35) - I have been moving my whole life - and will be moving again after I graduate. I also would like to travel more.High Heel ($30) - For the new girlier side of me.
I also would like to get a bike - for the less girly part of me. I haven't found one on the Pandora website, and if they don't have one I'll probably get one custom made. I see on the website that you can order custom charms! :)

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