Review: Rosebud Salve

Photo: www.rosebudsalve.com
I have heard raves about rosebud salve for YEARS before I tried it. Why bother? It's just another lip balm. Not only that but it's one that's in a pot, and I HATE sticking my fingers into lip products. And to top it off it smells like ROSES - a bona fide grandma smell to me! However, on a recent trip to Sephora I saw these little tins at the check out line, gave it a sniff - not as grandma rose-y as I expected, so I decided to try it out. The verdict: this stuff is pretty nice for a glorified petroleum jelly. It leaves your lips silky smooth. It is not at all sticky and the smell is actually ok. The tin is big enough to stick your lips directly into, hence no need for getting your fingers all yuck.  At only $6 at Sephora for a considerably large tin, it doesn't break the bank. I smelled the strawberry one, but it was too sweet - sickeningly sweet - smelling, so I passed. Another tip: this is a salve, so not only can you use it on your lips, but anywhere else you have dry skin - elbows, feet, hands. Keep in mind that petroleum jelly does not soak into your skin, it forms a barrier.  As such, I use it on top of a moisturizer (after it sets) on dry bits to seal that moisture in. 

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