Favorite Things - The Magic of the Wet Wipe

Photos: Everyday Minerals, Pampers
I discovered the magic of the wet wipe when I started camping. There is nothing better when you don't have access to a shower for a couple of days! I rediscovered wet wipe magic when Everyday Minerals came out with their makeup wipe. These wipes smell like lavender and grapefruit, and are great to have around. My other fave is the Kandoo wipe by Pampers, available at every grocery/drug store. Kandoo wipes don't smell like baby (powdery, etc), and are a good size, plus I'm attracted to the lime and purple packaging. I use wet wipes for wiping my face after a workout, wiping my makeup brushes after I use them, and even wiping the sink area of residual mineral makeup. I take wet wipes camping, and when I travel. I have even used wet wipes on my dog! Both brands are great smelling, great value, and do the job. Neither will take off makeup very well, especially anything water resistant or water proof, but they're good for just about everything else. The Kandoo wipes win the race by a nose however, because the EDM wipes have to be mail ordered, and the packaging is not very airtight (the seal does not reseal very well), so you have to store them upside down and be very careful so they don't dry out on you. Either way you go, wet wipes are great, so get some.

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