Favorite Things - A Little Piece of Bath Heaven

There are two Lush bath bombs that I absolutely love. From the scents to the fact that these are the slow fizzing bombs that leave the water creamy and fantastic, these bath bombs really are - a little piece of heaven!

Photos: Lush.com
SupernovaThis is the same scent as my Christmas LE bath bomb called 'Christmas Party'. The only difference is that the Christmas Party bomb has some really sharp glitter to it, so when it melts it leaves behind a plastic shrapnel that is less than pleasant when you accidentally roll over it in the bath. Supernova has 'confetti' in it - pieces of colored paper that soak up water and just sit there in your tub. Therefore, I 'sock' both bombs - I wrap them in cheese cloth so the stuff doesn't get into my bath water. Even with this slight inconvenience I love Supernova. It is a slow dissolving, lovely bomb, with a fresh clean scent. It leaves the water slightly creamy and slightly pink. This is the perfect bomb on a hot day, or when I'm taking a pick-me-up bath.

My all time favorite Lush bath bomb! Haagenbath smells like chocolate mint, not my favorite of ice cream flavors, but it makes a lovely bath. Like Supernova, this bomb also leaves your water slightly creamy and pink, but it also has two bonuses. The first is a minty tingle. The second is the fact that this bomb is LOADED with cocoa butter! I LOVE THAT! Plop this one into a nice hot bath and you will be rewarded with the softest, most moisturized skin you've ever had. This is a great bath when the weather is super dry and your skin feels like it's two sizes smaller than your body.

The drawback to these two luxurious bombs is their $6.15 price tag, making them way too pricey for an every day item. But it's certainly worth every penny to treat yourself once in a while with one of these bombs in your bath. And yes, there are many imitations to the lush bath bombs, but scent wise you really just can't beat the original.

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