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Image: www.beautycrunch.com
Stila Rouge Pots (3 for $15)

I just got these from www.beautycrunch.com. They're great! They go on smoothly, and blend well and the colors are great. Just be careful with these little beauties, a little color goes a long way...so apply with a light hand or you'll end up looking like a clown. The down side to these is that the little pots make it virtually impossible to get a brush in there - so you're pretty much forced to use your finger. I dab them on my face with a finger, then blend a little with my finger, and then finish blending with a kabuki. This technique is serving me well, though I'm not a fan of sticking my finger into the product directly. I wonder if the MAC 188 would do....hmmm....time to go shopping????

Here are the swatches:

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