Head to Head: Kabuki Brushes

I have two favorite kabuki brushes. One is a synthetic brush from Lumiere and the other is the MAC 182 buffer brush.

Winner - MAC 182
This is the top criteria for me when considering kabuki brushes. I have used some not so soft BareEssentuals brushes before, and I was happy to give those away when I finally invested in better quality brushes. Though the Lumiere brush is incredibly soft, the MAC brush is the softest Kabuki I've ever used. It's like soft downy feathers dancing on your skin.

Winner - Lumiere
The Lumiere brush is definitely denser than the MAC 182 - when buffing minerals onto my skin, this brush really does a lot of the work for me.

Winner - TIE
These brushes both apply mineral foundation incredibly well. I especially like the Lumiere brush for a wet application of minerals (load minerals onto brush, spray toner or fix+, buff onto face). I love the MAC brush for dry application, and for blending my blush.

Winner - Lumiere
I got the Lumiere brush during their pre-buy event for around $20 or less. It is not for sale on their site anymore, but I believe Kim is planning another pre-buy event, so keep your eyes peeled! The MAC 182 is $45!!!! That is the major reason why I hesitated so long before buying it. I hear they sometimes have them at the CCO's (Cosmetic Company Outlets) for around $30. I bought mine on ebay for $15 shipped - mind you I got lucky with both price and the fact that I was not scammed and got the real deal - there are a lot of fakes out there, so be careful!
Other Consideration
The lumiere brush is synthetic, so if you're vegan and/or prefer synthetic brushes, I really believe this is the best synthetic brush out there.
Honorable mention
The Everyday Minerals long handle kabuki and long handle flat top are FABULOUS brushes for their value. These brushes are both incredibly soft and very effective at applying your minerals. Hint: if you get them part of one of the kits, they're even cheaper!

If I was stuck on a desert island with a can of mineral foundation and could only take one brush, it would be the MAC 182. This is the best kabuki I have ever used, and it is my favorite face brush.

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