Favorite Things - Taking Care of the Feets

Yes, it would be nice to get a professional pedicure every two weeks, but unfortunately I just don't have enough disposable income at the moment to make that happen. Some day...

Photos: lush.com and kaboodle.com
Lush Pied de Pepper ($14.45/3.5 oz)
Again, the credit for the best foot lotion goes to Lush (www.lush.com). Pied de Pepper is the most moisturizing foot lotion ever - that is - moisturizing, but not greasy. Most foot lotions I have tried just sit on your feet like a layer of crisco, and leave you wondering if anything actually penetrated the skin, or if you just have the thickest most disgusting foot calluses in the world, and I might as well name them as they are impermeable to any softening agent in the world. Pied de Pepper lets me cling to my self esteem as it soaks into my feet and moisturizes like a dream. Smelling like a delicious home made Chai tea, the only drawback to this puppy is that it may stain your sheets, or sleeping socks, or whatever it comes in contact with. This has not been a problem for me, but definitely something I keep in mind when I use it.

The PedEgg ($9.99)
Yes, I saw the cheesy infomercials about this one - and I thought to myself - no way this thing is as good as they claim...no way! I even went as far as to make fun of friends who bought this beauty when it became available at the local drug store. I believe I compared it to the spray hair, and that hair cutting device you attach to your vacuum cleaner. Then I saw it while waiting to check out at the drug store. I had just been thinking over the course of the previous couple of days how my feet needed some attention. There was a lot of crusty on those heels, and it was not pretty. So acting purely on impulsive, I bought the darn infomercial-ed egg, and soon thereafter realized that I was wrong - very wrong. The PedEgg is great at removing calluses and leaving your feet softer than you ever thought possible. Sure, getting your callouses removed by a professional is nice, but if you can't afford that pedicure regularly, this will keep nasties at bay in between appointments. There really is no draw back to this one, so go get one - especially if you wear flip flops!!

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