Favorite Things - Honey Mango Shave Cream

There is a gem waiting for you to be discovered at your local Trader Joe's. Hidden between vegan lotions, handmade soap and Tom's toothpaste, is by far the most superior shaving cream I have ever used. I had heard good things about it, but I was hesitant - I am not one for supermarket brand beauty products, believing that you do sometimes get what you pay for. But this orange tube of magic, with its $2.99 price tag, is the best thing to happen to my legs and underarms. Not only does this shave cream smell great, it is also LUXURIOUSLY thick and moisturizing. Don't expect this shaving cream to lather into a foam, but do expect it to leave your legs the silkiest they have ever been. I gave a tube of this to a friend of mine, akin to giving someone their first hit of a mind altering substance, and the next time I saw her she had just purchased 3 more tubes. Apparently not only is she a convert, but her hubby is as well. Once you try this shave cream, you will never go back to anything else. The only draw back to this one is that you will be throwing away your unused cans of Skintimate shave gel, and other foamy and drying shaving gels/foams- what a waste!

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