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When it comes to my finicky tresses, Lush (www.lush.com) hair care is king. I was originally attracted to this line of hair products because they are silicone free. Since my hair is super straight (read: flat) and very fine (read: fly-aways), I was excited at the possibility of hair products that decrease build-up.
New Shampoo ($9.25/bar)
I absolutely love solid shampoo. It is the most portable wonderful product ever invented. Use it like a soap: lather in your hands, and then rub into your hair. Just remember to let it drain and dry in between uses, so that it doesn't turn into a slimy mess in a similar fashion to that abandoned soap in a pool of water in your soap dish. New shampoo leaves my hair beautifully clean and manageable without being drying. It smells lovely of cinnamon, but the scent does not last past the rinse, which is good news to perfume wearers and those who are not fans of cinnamon.
Veganese Conditioner ($8.75/3.3 fl.oz.; $17.45/8.4 fl.oz.; $25.75/16.9 fl.oz.)
I must admit that when I first contemplated silicone free hair care I was terrified that my hair would regress back to the consistency it was when I swam competitively. Veganese conditioner ensured that my hair not only maintained a straw-free consistency, but also left it softer and shinier than it has ever been. And the best part is that there are much fewer fly-aways! This conditioner smells slightly citrusy and works best for me when I mix it 50:50 with water. When diluted this conditioner spreads more evenly in my hair, and I end up using less to get an even coat.
Jungle Solid Conditioner ($9.95/3.5 oz)
Solid conditioner? Yep I know, it's weird. But this stuff works once you get the hang of it. The easiest way to use it is just to take a chunk and rub your hair with it. This takes a while longer than if the conditioner was a liquid, but the results are well worth it. If the idea of rubbing a hunk of solid conditioner does not sound appealing, then take a piece, cut it into small chunks, add water and melt in the microwave (in 30s increments, with stirring in between). This will form a paste that makes use easier. Also, this makes a great leave-in conditioner. Just rub a little into your hands and then spread on your wet hair. The smell of Jungle is very unique. It's a relic scent from Lush days gone by, and the best way to describe it is - it smells like the outdoors. Fresh cut grass, wild flowers, and a fresh breeze. It reminds me of laundry that was hung outside on a fresh summer day. Either way I use it, this conditioner makes my straight hair glossy, but not greasy...shiny, but not greasy...manageable, but not greasy. Wonderful.

The cons of Lush hair care is that it is not cheap. It seems like you're not getting much for the ding your wallet takes. But you get more than you think, as this stuff lasts for ages.

Now I must admit, silicone free hair care is not for every hair type. I have certainly read many accounts of night mare experiences with this haircare. However, there are even more accounts of people who started using silicone free hair care and have never looked back. Just remember, if you are going to give up silicones, you will have anywhere from a day to a week of yuckiness while you're stripping all the silicone off your hair. Call this a 'cleansing' or 'adjustment' period. And once you get through it, you will be rewarded by incredibly healthy hair!

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