DIY - Refinishing the Vanity Day 2

Today I filled any holes and after the wood fill dried, I sanded it down.  I then wiped the whole thing down again really well and let it dry.  The first coat of paint also went on.  The guy at the paint store recommended Melamine Paint by Benjamin Moore.  It's an oil based paint, which is not my favorite to work with. However, I am really impressed with the way this paint went on, and the satin finish it's giving me.  I had it tinted to an 'antique white'.  The drawback to this paint is that it does not come in a huge variety of colors, and the colors are premixed.  I was told that a light color can be custome mixed, but they can't guarantee a match.  Since I wanted something off white, I wasn't too concerned.  I bought he paint because I was told it's very stain resistant and durable. 

Tomorrow, more sanding, then the second coat of paint.  Then finishing touches!  Oh, I can't wait!

For the full story, check out the rest of PROJECT VANITY.

OOH, and I have an appointment for some makeup at the Bobbi Brown counter!

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