Shoe of the Moment - Sofft Candra

I've been sporting these mary janes lately.  They go with pants and skirts.  And now that the weather is nicer, I am enjoying a break from boots, and shoes that cover more of the foot.

I love love love love love Sofft shoes.  They are super comfortable.  No rubbing or foot pain even after a full day.  The cushioning on the insole makes you feel like you're walking on a cloud.  I also love the lower heels for work.  Some of their styles are a bit 'grandma', but some are super cute.  Definitely worth checking out if you like heels and still want to feel your feet by the end of the day.  They're definitely called 'Sofft' for a reason.

And the best part?  I picked up these babies for around $30 at Nordstrom Rack!  Sweet!

What shoes are you loving for work these days?

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