Hiking with the Dogs

I couldn't finish the vanity today, because it was chilly, gloomy and very windy.  So instead, we decided to take the dogs hiking.  Here are some pics from today's romp in the forest.

Millie checking back where we were through the trees.

Sniffing the winter bunny dwellings - abandoned when the snow melted.

Kitty (yes, she's a dog named Kitty) checking out the trees for squirrels.

All three doggies sniffing around.  The black lab is my parents' dog - Ernie.

Though it was a bit muddy at times, and Kitty decided to get ready for hunting by rolling around in horse poop, it was a great hike.  And luckily, there was enough snow to wipe Kitty down, so the whole car did not smell like a horse's arse!

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