Hits & Misses

~ well behaved dogs - they're definitely growing out of their rebellious puppy phase

~ fresh banana bread

~ hot soup and watching movies on a rainy evening

~ my skin with the help of Bioderma skin care & Kiehl's eye treatment with avocado

~ remembering to apply cuticle butter/oil regularly all week

~ Kiehl's lip balm - expensive glorified petroleum jelly (stay tuned for review)

~ my neighbor hacking into our wireles internet

~ blog pages that blast music

~ not remembering to charge the camera battery AGAIN

~ a whole weekend of non-stop rain

What are your hits and misses this week?


Jamie said...

fresh banana bread is awesome! Have you tried it with chocolate chips in it? I had it a couple of times and it nearly blew my mind :)

Girly Tomboy Extraordinaire said...

that sounds delish! i will definitely try that next time!

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