My Beef With This Month's Issue of In Style Magazine

Reading a magazine while soaking in a Lush bath is one of my top guilty pleasures. Earlier this week I picked up a copy of the current In Style mgazine.  I love Anne Hathaway and was excited to see her on the cover.  Plus the cover promised some stories that I really wanted to read.  There was the '20 Amazing Heels You Can Walk In' story - I'm always on the lookout for fashionable heels I can wear to work without permanent damage to my feet.  Then there was 'Perfect Skin: The best Concealer for You' - I have such a problem with my concealer cakeying up on me.  And of course, the main promise - '425 pages of Spring Fashion - Best New Trends & How to Wear Them'. 

All I have to say is: WHAT A CROCK!!!

The shoe 'story' featured only a handful of lower heeled shoes - none of which were actally cute.  The rest of the shoes were super high heels that would only be appropriate for work if you were a Victoria's Secret model.  The concealer 'story' was just a chart talking about 5 different concealers and why they like them.  How about preventing creasing/cakey concealers?  How about application tips?  How about general guidelines for what to look for when buying a concealer?  Why just feature/advertise 5 concealers - one of which is $70 dollars?  Really, how many of us are really going to get that one anyway?

And let's talk about those 425 pages of spring fashion and how to wear them.  The magazine in its entirety was 425 pages, and at least 1/2 of those were ads.  I get it, the ads help pay the bills.  But so does the $5 I paid for this magazine.  And I did not pay for ads - and there was little mention of 'how to wear them'.  Imagine going to 2 hour movie and watching  2 hours of commercials between scenes.  You'd be walking out and demanding a full refund.  Then why accept it from a magazine.  It will be a long time before I buy another issue.  Perhaps if they spent more time on producing quality content, they would sell more magazines and need fewer ads to pay the bills. 
Clearly I'm looking for a new magazine for my next bath event.  What are your favorite magazines?

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