My Favorite Tweezers

Since it has been raining, and therefore all outdoor activities have been suspended (the walk with the dogs left me DRENCHED), I went to the mall!  My sister was shopping for a new pair of tweezers.  Of course I had an opinion.  I love the Anastasia tweezers.  I have had mine for years and they're still just as good as the day I bought them.  There is no warping - the edges have remained true and sharp.  This allows so much precision, and easy plucking of even the finest hairs. These babies are totally worth their $30 price tag, because they'll last you for years and years.  And as a bonus, they're pink! :)

My sister got these tweezers and then called me about an hour after she got home to tell me how much she loves them.  I'm so glad she likes them too!

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Andrea said...

I found you on Tag Along tuesday & I'm your newest follower! :) please check out my blog at http://Andrea-thekitchenwitch.blogspot.com

I want these tweezers!!!!!! $30 is pricy but for good tweezers its totally worth the cost :) Where did you find them?

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